By sending us a Trip Reservation Form and your payment for an overnight or multi-day offshore fishing trip on the VOYAGER, you agree and consent to all of the terms and conditions shown below.
For more questions or more information, please contact us here. 
  1. All reservations require advance payment in full. We will hold spots for five (5) days until we receive your payment.
  2. Once you buy a ticket it is YOURS. We are not responsible for changes in your plans or for filling your spot.
  3. Due to our strict capacity limit and high fuel costs, we cannot give refunds due to changes in YOUR plans.
  4. No refunds will be given unless we cancel the trip.
  5. In the event the Captain cancels an overnight or multi-day offshore trip due to adverse weather conditions, you have the option of rescheduling or a full refund.  
  6. If an overnight or multi-day offshore trip is significantly shortened due to adverse weather conditions, anglers will receive a credit ticket for a future trip for an amount determined by the Captain. No cash refunds.
  7. It is your responsibility to make your trip payment on time. We will not remind you.
  8. It is also your responsibility to know what trips you are supposed to be on. We will not remind you. The excuse of "I forgot I was on last Sunday's trip" will not fly.
  9. We reserve the right to overbook two additional passengers on all trips. Schedule and fares are subject to change without notice.
  10. Boarding starts one hour prior to departure. We will call names for boarding in the order of payment received.
  11. On Tuna trips, we only permit the drinking of alcoholic beverages after we finish fishing for the day. No drinking is allowed on the way to the fishing grounds or while we are fishing. No hard alcohol allowed.
  12. If you arrive at the boat intoxicated, you will be turned away and you will forfeit your fare.
  13. Spots are not considered filled until we receive a cash/money order (not checks) from a replacement customer for your spot. If we get a late replacement that is paying at the boat and that replacement does not show, you are still responsible for the fare.
  14. We use NOAA weather forecasts and multiple commercial weather services when we make our decision to sail on a trip, so please do not try to outguess us and make your own prediction. Sometimes wind direction and fishing location, as well as wind velocity, play important roles in our decision-making. We always consider your safety first. That said, offshore trips in our area may be choppy, especially during the fall and winter.
  15. All overnight trips require that you call in before the trip to make sure we are sailing as scheduled. You should call in even if the weather looks perfect since something may have changed on our end that is out of our control. CALL-IN TIMES are posted on our Trip Calendar page.  CALL- IN TIME for OPEN BOAT trips is AFTER 6p the evening before the trip
  16. Sometimes we set call-in times close to our boarding times. We only do this to ensure that we make the best possible decision. We don't want to cancel a trip when we should sail nor do we want to sail on a trip we should cancel. Please be aware that if the weather is truly borderline, we may ask you to call in again at a later time so we can make the correct decision for everyone. We realize this may inconvenience those coming long distances, and that you may have to call in while already en route, but we want to make the best possible decision. Please check that the call-in time for the trip you book will not be a problem for you on the day of the trip. CALL-IN TIMES are posted on our Trip Calendar page.
  17. The money you may have on credit from canceled trips or otherwise cannot be used for PRIVATE CHARTER TRIPS. No exceptions!  Your credit can always be used for any overnight or multi-day reserved trips that are open to the public, just not for private charters.
  18. Credit can be used on OPEN BOAT DAY TRIPS only after arrangements have been made through our office prior to the trip. Money on credit cannot be used for food or crew tips.