Our heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Kwangwoon Oh, a regular on VOYAGER Tilefish trips, for composing this beautiful heroic prose…

The Three Voyagers

Jeff, Dominic and Dave
Why did you leave the beloved fishing boat
So early, so suddenly and sadly
Tears fell down from my eyes
And didn't stop for a long while

You will never forget
The winds
The rough waves
The pouring rain
The knife-edged bow

We all remember the moments
The wide field of stars
Pulling the Moon
Breaking nights in the lonely boat
Coaxing mountains of angry waves
You were moms how to take of crying babies
You were guides of the Atlantic Ocean

You are proud families of the Voyager
Dominic, a brave harpooner
Dave, you know how to throw the fishing lines
Captain Jeff, you are Ahab of the Moby Dick
You know how to dominate the waters

We'll miss you guys forever
The stars will be looking for you
You will protect our fishing trip
You are not here anymore, but
Voyages continue
You will be with us
Forever, forever

Your friend
Kwangwoon Oh