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VOYAGER Fishing Reports

December 27, 2015


Fishing has been good overall with many limit catches of SEA BASS to 6 pounds and jumbo PORGIES to 3 pounds.  It has not been the lock-and-load fishing that we are used to due to the very high water temperatures this December, but it has still been good.   Unfortunately the federal government will be shutting down the Sea Bass fishery when the ball, or should I say ax, falls at midnight on December 31.   We fought to keep the season open in January and February, but to no avail.   Hopefully, next year's new stock assessment will show the federal fisheries managers that there are more Sea Bass out there than they thought and maybe, just maybe, they will give us a bigger quota.


A number of people have asked what, if anything, we are going to be fishing for in January.   We do plan to fish the first few weeks of January.   After that we will be going to the shipyard to do a few more upgrades to the boat.   We will be fishing on the weekends from 5 AM to 4 PM.   The trips are "bottom fishing" for COD, LING, & PORGIES and we plan to focus on whatever we think is biting the best.   On Wednesdays, we will focus on COD on the same time schedule.   The trips are all OPEN BOAT, so NO reservations are needed.   All of the January trips are posted on our Trip Calendar page.


Probably the most asked question we have been getting lately has been "When will you be posting the 2016 offshore schedule?" followed by "Can I get on such and such a trip even before you post it?"   Here is the answer to the first question that we give to everyone.   The schedule is just about done, but we are waiting on a few charters to get back to us and also on some fishery regulations in early February that might influence the scheduling of some trips.   That being said, our 2016 Offshore Schedule will be posted sometime around the middle of February.   To the second question the answer is NO.   We will undoubtedly forget someone if we make promises now to put them on specific trips months later, so please email us your requests only after the schedule is posted.

Please make sure you and your friends are signed up for our Voyager Newsletter since we will send out a notification of the exact date and time of posting about a week prior to the schedule going up on the web site.

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who fished with us this past season.   You really made the first year with the new boat a great one!   We look forward to seeing everyone again this coming season and want to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

December 18, 2015

On December 12, angler STEVE SINGLER from Philadelphia, PA was aboard the VOYAGER on an offshore Sea Bass and Porgy trip and he landed a HUGE 9-POUND BLACK SEA BASS.

Steve took his Black Sea Bass to Dave Arbeitman's REEL SEAT tackle shop in Brielle, NJ for a weigh-in and the fish was also checked and identified by a New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife biologist.

A NJ state record application form was submitted and on December 17, the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife officially certified the catch as a NEW STATE RECORD SALTWATER FISH.

Steve was fishing with a Shimano rod and reel with 40-pound PowerPro braided line.   Clams on 3/0 hooks served as the bait.   He was bottom fishing in 180-200 feet of water when the big fish bit.   Steve's Black Sea Bass weighs 11-ounces more than the previous NJ State Record and is only 1-pound 4-ounces shy of the current IGFA World Record.

12/12/2015 VOYAGER - Steve Singer with his 9-pound NJ State Record Black Sea Bass

     Here is the official tale of the tape…


December 1, 2015


Fishing was generally good over our first weekend of offshore trips.   Many folks had limits or close to limits of Jumbo Sea Bass.   We also had a good showing of Giant Porgies and we caught loads of Bluefish before the sun came up on all trips.   The water is still pretty warm and fishing should improve daily as the temperatures decline and the migration gets into full swing.   Pictures from our trips can be seen on our Photo Gallery pages.



All of these trips return between 5:00 - 6:00 PM and the fare is $200.   If you are interested in going on any of these trips, please send us an email or call (732) 295-3019.

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