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VOYAGER Fishing Reports

December 6, 2016

Due to the forecast for poor offshore weather, the VOYAGER has CANCELED tonight's OFFSHORE SEA BASS TRIP.
   We have added a NEW Offshore Sea Bass Trip for tomorrow night, DECEMBER 7 since the weather seems much nicer.   If you are on the Tuesday night, December 6 trip and want to switch to Wednesday night, and as long as you contact us by e-mail by 6:00 PM tonight, you will have the same or better boarding number.   Send an e-mail to Richie at and let us know.

The weather forecast also looks poor for our Thursday night December 8 Offshore Sea Bass trip.    While this trip has not yet been canceled, we are allowing folks to switch to the Wednesday night trip if they want to.   Once again, please e-mail Richie at and let us know.

We have also added a second NEW OFFSHORE SEA BASS trip leaving 11:00 PM DECEMBER 14 and we have canceled our open boat Marathon Trips for December 8 and December 15.

If you are interested in booking an Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at

November 30, 2016

Here are a few Offshore Sea Bass trip photos.  You can see lots more on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery page.

November 21, 2016

Our Mid-Range Sea Bass Marathon trip last week was very good.   We had many Sea Bass limits with some folks having as many as 25 Porgies and some Blues.   Once again we had to weed through many smaller fish to find the keepers, but the action was non-stop all trip.   We have canceled our Sea Bass Marathon for this Tuesday due to poor weather offshore, but we still have more trips scheduled in November and December.   Check out our TRIP CALENDAR page for future dates.

After fair Fishing on our first overnight trip, we tried some different areas over the weekend.   Fishing was much better with many limits of Jumbo Sea Bass and varying amounts of Porgies.   Again, we also had quite a few Blues in the mix and we even saw a few Cod and a Pollock.   The Friday night trip was a bit slower than Thursday night as we had a very strong current the first half of the trip.   As the current eased up, the fishing improved.

We still have spots available on our next two overnight Sea Bass Trips.   The first trip leaves at 11:00 PM Tuesday night November 22, and the second trip leaves at 1:00 AM Black Friday Morning, November 25.

We have added an Open Boat Thanksgiving Day Striper Trip.  The boat sails from 6:30 AM to 12:30 PM and the fare is $65.

If you are interested in booking an Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

November 17, 2016

We made a number of Mid-Range Sea Bass Trips over the past week.   Fishing has been excellent on smaller sized fish with many fish going back due to the new 13" minimum size limit.   Even with the new limit, people are catching enough keepers to make things interesting with some getting limits.   There have also been Porgies and Bluefish mixed in depending on the particular spot.

Our first overnight Sea Bass & Porgy trip was fair.  We had Porgies and Jumbo Sea Bass, but not in the numbers we would like to see.   We're sure things will pick up as the water cools.  (It is still 60 degrees which is warm for this time of year.)   We will be trying different areas each trip until the main migration reaches us.

We have added an open boat Thanksgiving Day Striper Trip.  The boat sails from 6:30 AM to12:30 PM and the fare is $65.

If you are interested in booking an Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

FYI – Our TRIP CALENDAR page shows all of the VOYAGER's fishing trips for 2016.   Get info on all TRIP TYPES, DATES, DEPARTURE & RETURN TIMES, and FARES for both open boat and reservation-only trips.   Also shows AVAILABLE SPOTS for reservation-only trips.

Also check out our collection of more than 3,000 trip photos on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery

November 10, 2016

Final Voyager Tuna Fishing Report
– Our last couple of weeks of Tuna fishing was up and down.   Some trips were pretty good and on others we just caught a few.   We fished anywhere from the Hudson to the Wilmington canyons with the same results.   All in all, it was a tough year with only a few bright spots.   Hopefully next season will be back to the normal good fishing we expect.

We canceled our final Tuna trip which was scheduled for Saturday night November 12.   If you were scheduled on that trip you will be refunded.

We have added an open boat 11-hour Sea Bass and Porgy Marathon Trip for this coming Sunday, November 13.  The boat sails from 5:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and the fare is $100.   The weather looks great for this trip!

We start our Offshore Jumbo Sea Bass Trips on Tuesday night November 15.   If you are interested in booking an Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

October 23, 2016

Voyager Tuna Fishing Report for October14 - October 21.
   Tuna fishing last weekend saw a marked improvement.   New 70-71 degree water started moving into the local canyons and brought with it both Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna.

Saturday night was the best fishing last weekend as we picked at fish throughout the night.  Most fish were caught on bait, but a few were taken on jigs.   Sunday's trip was a bit of a letdown since the tuna didn't start to bite until sunrise and we lost many more than we caught.   After catching a tuna while coming tight on the anchor, the Tuesday trip was a bit of a struggle.   We only caught a handful of tuna during the night.   The conditions were horrible as we had a lot of current up into 20-25 knots of wind.   The boat swung around wildly and the lines went straight to the bow.  After a few moves and an assist from a friend we got into some Yellowfin and Longfin just before daylight, landing another dozen fish to 80 pounds and losing a bunch due to the bad conditions.

Our Thursday trip saw nice weather and decent conditions for a change.   We had Tuna schooling under the boat 10 minutes after arriving on the grounds.   We caught a handful and lost a few, but they really didn't bite the way we had hoped.   We slipped the anchor in for the night and caught an odd fish here and there for a while.   Overnight we had a few good shots at Yellowfin catching fish from 20-40 pounds.   Around 4:30 AM, we had a good blast of big 60-70 pound Yellowfins.   By the time the sun came up, we had landed 50 tuna making this the second best trip for us this season.   PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR GALLEY IS CLOSED ON ALL 22-HOUR TUNA TRIPS

We are tied up this weekend due to the bad weather, but with tuna fishing getting better each trip we are chomping at the bit to get back out on the grounds.   We still have spots available for the beginning of November, which is less than 10 days away.   We hope you can join us on a trip soon.

Spots for our November/December Offshore Jumbo Sea Bass and Porgy Trips are going fast.   Please check our
Trip Calendar page for dates and availability.

If you are interested in booking a Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

October 9, 2016

Tuna Fishing Report
– Our last two Tuna Trips showed some improvement in our local canyons.   We had lots of squid and northern sennets around the boat, which are always good signs.   We had a little Tuna "bite" each trip between 6 AM - 7 AM with only an odd fish before or after.   While not great, we ended up with 11 Yellowfin Tuna on our last trip and lost another 6 or 7.    The Yellowfin were almost all in the 60-pound class and were caught on both bait and jigs.   There were also a few reports of Longfin Tuna being trolled, but we didn't get any while chunking.   These are all good signs as there had been virtually no tuna in the area a week ago.   Hopefully things get better each trip.

Mahi-Mahi fishing remains very good and many people have been catching limits on our tuna trips.   We have been putting in some time for Mahi on almost all of our trips.


If you are interested in booking a Canyon Tuna, Deep-Drop Tilefish or Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

October 5, 2016

Tuna Fishing Report
– On our last Tuna trip we traveled quite a ways to find the water we fished in on the previous trip.   Upon arriving on the grounds we started drifting along the edge in about 100 fathoms.   After losing a few mystery fish, probably sharks, we caught a nice Hammerhead Shark which was released at the boat.   At about the same time this was going on, a large school of Mahi-Mahi found us.   They had to number between 150 and 200 fish.   We started to pick slowly at the Mahi-Mahi and then they started biting better.   We landed about 70 before the school left us.

About an hour later we were overrun by squid, reading them almost 200 feet thick under the boat at times.   We managed to catch a nice Swordfish weighing 125 pounds.   We later had another Swordfish of similar size on, but it broke free after about a 20 minute fight.

Around sunrise we started to read Tuna high up in the water column.   The Tuna soon started breaking around the boat and within a 10-15 minute timeframe we landed seven or eight 50-60 pound Yellowfin Tuna and lost as many.   For the next couple of hours we would read an occasional fish come and go under the boat with a bite once in a while.  We landed a few more and lost another five or six.

It was an interesting trip that kept everyone at the rail all night.  Certainly not a bad trip as far as this season goes.

We should be able to squeeze in a couple of trips before Hurricane Matthew gets here.   Hopefully, we'll have some good reports.


If you are interested in booking a Canyon Tuna, Deep-Drop Tilefish or Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

September 30, 2016

Tuna Fishing Report
– After a couple weeks of poor Tuna fishing things finally improved.   Chasing a new piece of warm water to our south, we were greeted by beautiful 78 degree water loaded with squid and bait fish.   After catching a bunch of Mahi, we set up on the drift for the night.   We caught Tuna, Swordfish, Marlin and some Sharks during the evening.   We read Tuna numerous times throughout the night.   Sometimes they would bite and other times they would not.   The Tuna bit on both bait and jigs.   High hook for the trip was Nuno DeCosta of Ardsley, NJ with five Tuna.


If you are interested in booking a Canyon Tuna, Deep-Drop Tilefish or Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

September 25, 2016

Tuna Fishing Report
– The VOYAGER has been out Tuna fishing almost every day over the past couple of weeks.    Except for one night, tuna fishing has been virtually non-existent for us and the rest of the fleet.   We have been trying different areas each trip with pretty much the same results, lots of squid and no Tuna.

The only bright spot has been the Mahi-Mahi fishing which has been very good to excellent with many limit catches for the entire boat.

There is a new body of warm water east of us that appears to be holding some Tuna for the New England boats.   We expect this water to be within our range by next week.   Hopefully this will spark up Tuna fishing for October and November.


On a different note, we have spots available on our NOVEMBER 13 TILEFISH TRIP.
This 1-day deep-drop trip leaves 10 PM Sunday, November 13, is limited to 26 passengers and the fare is $325.

If you are interested in booking a Canyon Tuna, Deep-Drop Tilefish or Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

September 7, 2016

On The Water TV – Tilefishing in the Canyons

A quick edit from a recent shoot for OTW TV, two days of deep-drop fishing aboard the VOYAGER
with Dave Arbeitman from The Reel Seat.   Look for the full episode to air in early 2017

September 6, 2016

Sorry for the long time between fishing reports.

Our last few Tilefish Trips were excellent.    Not too many jumbo fish, but lots of nice fish with pretty much everyone catching limits of both Golden and Blueline Tilefish.   We also had some Snowy Grouper and Barrelfish.    Our Tilefish/Mahi Combination Trip was also great with Tilefish limits all around and Mahi up to 25 pounds.    Unfortunately, our last two Tilefish Trips have been blown out by Tropical Storm Hermine.   We are looking to add some Tilefish Trips, but available dates are slim.   Keep checking our Trip Calendar web page for added Tilefish Trips.

We started our 2016 Tuna Season last week.    Our first trip was slow with only one Tuna landed and about 60 Mahi.   Our second trip was just the opposite.   We didn't start the trip with Mahi fishing and instead chunked for Tuna as soon as we got to the canyon.   It was the right move and we landed over 50 Tuna including three Bigeye Tuna up to 175 pounds!   Many anglers had limit catches of Yellowfin Tuna on the trip.   We caught Tuna on both bait and jigs, but bait was better.

During the Tuna season, the Voyager Galley will only be open for food on our 30-hour and 2-day Canyon Tuna trips.   If you are on a regular overnight Tuna Trip departing at 5 PM, there will be NO food available for purchase.   We are sorry for any inconvenience.


@ Lastly, we have changed our e-mail address.

Effective immediately, our new VOYAGER e-mail address is

Please only use our new e-mail address from now on.

We will continue monitoring our old addresses, and until September 18 and then stop using them.

If you are interested in booking a Canyon Tuna or Offshore Sea Bass Trip, please contact Richie at our new e-mail address,

July 20, 2016


Excellent conditions yielded excellent fishing during our 2-day Tilefish and Rosefish Trip on Monday and Tuesday.   We had a slow drift Monday morning for Rosefish and it was game on right from the gun.   Many anglers had 20-30 each along with a nice mix of Yellowfin Bass, Swallowtail Bass and White Hake.

Fishing was also fast and furious for both Blueline and Golden Tilefish as the drift picked up to a nice pace on Monday afternoon and Tuesday.   We had boat limits for both Tilefish species.

Frank Graziano from Newark, DE won both pools with a 15-pound White Hake and a 28-pound Golden Tilefish.

July 13, 2016


We had a 2-day Tilefish charter on Monday and Tuesday.   The weather offshore was drop dead gorgeous with clear sunny skies, a gentle breeze and great drifting conditions.   As nice as it was, the fish did not cooperate and we just had a slow pick all day.   But things changed for the better on the second day and the fishing improved dramatically.   We ended up with a very good catch with many large Golden Tilefish.   Pedro Gonzalez got a huge 46-pound 6.5 ounce Golden to win the pool.

July 2, 2016


The Red Porgy (Pagrus pagrus) is widely distributed in warm coastal waters of the Western and Eastern Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico in depths down to 850 feet.  This one was caught during the VOYAGER's July 2, 2016 2-day Tilefish Trip and was identified by marine biologists at the Smithsonian Institute.   Red Porgies are commonly found over rock, rubble or sand hard bottom over the continental shelf.   They have canine teeth and are carnivores eating fishes, shrimp, crabs, squid, urchins and soft corals.   This one measured about 18 inches long (lower jaw fork length), but they can reach 36 inches.  Red Porgies are commercially harvested and often sold under the names of Common Sea Bream and White Snapper.

June 29, 2016


The weather was sunny and clear with light air on the first day of our Record Hunt trip, but there was a strong current near the bottom and fishing conditions were tough.   In the afternoon, we headed northeast to canyons up the line.  The strong current was still present, but there was now a gentle breeze against the current that slowed the drift enough to fish in 750 feet and fishing in the afternoon was okay.   We went further north during the night, but still needed big sinkers on the second day.

We hunted in many spots looking for big fish, but there were no record fish caught on this trip.   We did have three Golden Tilefish weighing over 35-pounds and a Blueline Tilefish weighing nearly 20-pounds.   Greg Hueth won the pool with his Golden and Rob got the second pool with his Blueline.   Some Rosefish and White Hake also came over the rails.

We still have a few open spots for Tilefish trips on July 5, July 28 and July 31.   See our Trip Calendar page for details.   If you are interested in going on any of these Tilefish trips, send us an e-mail.

June 26, 2016


We had cloudy weather with some rain during this 2-day Tilefish Trip.   Fishing was okay for Golden and Blueline Tilefish. We also had a nice bunch of Northern Grouper and large White Hake come over the rails.   A handful of Rosefish and Barrelfish completed the catch.   We also got something unusual when a Broad Alfonsino came over the rails.  The fish was identified by marine biologists at the Smithsonian Institute.   Broad Alfonsinos live on the bottom in waters from 500 to 3,000 feet.   They have large eyes and rose to blood red bodies that are silvery below with fins and the inside of the mouth bright red.   They are carnivores and eat fishes, shrimp, crabs, squid and other benthic critters.   The fish measured about 18 inches long (lower jaw fork length) and is an adult.   Broad Alfonsinos are commercially harvested throughout the world and often sold under the names of Imperador, Red Bream, and Tasmanian Snapper.

June 11, 2016


Lots of action on our Black Sea Bass Trips with shorts outnumbering keepers.  Some folks are catching limits and pool fish are in the 3-pound range.

The pool winner on Friday's Sea Bass Marathon was Glen Baker from Point Pleasant, NJ.   Bait is working well and jigs are working well too when there is little wind and a slow drift.  A few Ling are also making it into coolers.
Trip photos are on our Photo Gallery page.

June 9, 2016


The VOYAGER had a 2-day Tilefish charter trip on Monday and Tuesday.  The weather and currents made drifting conditions challenging at times.   A three pound sinker was necessary much of the time on Monday, and some folks were using four and five pound sinkers on Tuesday.  Regardless, everyone had limit catches of Blueline Tilefish and four to eight Golden Tilefish in their coolers by the end of the trip.  Scott Allison got a Golden that weighed 37-pounds 3.5-ounces and is the current leader in our season-long Tilefish Pool.   And Mike DeSimone got a Golden that weighed 33-pounds 2.0-ounces.  Trip photos are on our Photo Gallery page.

We still have OPEN SPOTS on our June 23 1.5-day TILEFISH TRIP, our JUNE 29 LIMITED LOAD 2-DAY WORLD RECORD TILEFISH HUNT TRIP, and our 2-DAY TILEFISH TRIP on JULY 2.   See our Trip Calendar page for details.

June 2, 2016


Fishing was decent but not great on our May 30th 2-day Southern Tilefish and Wrecks Trip.   We had no drift during the entire trip, so Golden Tilefish fishing was not too good with maybe two to six fish per person.  However, we had all the Blueline Tilefish you wanted and everyone had limit catches.   Individual Black Sea Bass catches were about 8 per person up to 4.5-pounds.    Rosefish catches averaged 5 to 7 fish per person with a high hook of 15 fish.  We also had a bunch of White Hake with some folks getting 4 or 5 fish.

See our Trip Calendar page for details.

May 24, 2016


Ling fishing has not been that good lately so we will be spending a fair amount of time on this week's Thursday 5/26 LING MARATHON TRIP looking for SEA BASS.   The trip is Open Boat and sails from 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


Tile fishing was good this past trip with many limits of Blueline Tilefish and some limits of Golden Tilefish up to 30 pounds.

We still have spots available for our 10:00 PM SUNDAY NIGHT, MAY 29 TRIP.  This is a Deep-Water Rocks, Wrecks, Sea Bass, and Blueline trip.   We're sure we'll also see a fair amount of Golden Tilefish on this trip too, but we will be mixing it up a bit.

Due to popular demand we have added a 1.5-DAY TILEFISH TRIP leaving at 10:00 PM THURSDAY JUNE 23.

If you would like to sign up for any of our Tilefish Trips, please e-mail us for reservations.


We haven't been out for Cod in a while since the fishing was picky the last couple of trips.   We had some nice fish but not enough.   We are hoping that the wrecks have filled in a bit after having time to rest.   We added a LIMITED LOAD COD TRIP leaving at 12:30 AM WEDNESDAY MORNING JUNE 8.   The trip is limited to just 30 people and the fare for the trip is $175.   Reservations are required and must be made by booking on-line at ZERVE

May 23, 2016


Fishing was good on last Thursday's Tilefish Trip.   The drift was slow, but whenever the boat got a little extra push from the breeze, we caught fish.  It was a mix of Blueline and Golden Tilefish, and there were quite a few twenty to thirty pound Goldens.

We still have several open spots on our 2-DAY SOUTHERN ROCKS & WRECKS TRIP for Sea Bass and Blueline Tilefish.   The trip departs 10:00 PM SUNDAY, MAY 29 and the fare is $475.   If you would like to sign up for this trip please send us an e-mail message.

May 18, 2016

SEA BASS season is just around the corner here in New Jersey.
   Early reports are of loads of Sea Bass on the inshore wrecks with limits being caught by accident.

During the first week of Sea Bass season, the VOYAGER will be sailing SEA BASS MARATHONS on Wednesday May 25, Friday May 27 and Sunday May 29.   These trips will leave at 6:30 AM and return by 4:30 PM, and the fare is $75.   We will also be targeting SEA BASS on our day trip on Saturday May 28 from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.


6:30 AM to 4:30 PM WEDNESDAY MAY 25

Fare $75


6:30 AM to 4:30 PM FRIDAY MAY 27

Fare $75


7:30 AM to 3:30 PM SATURDAY MAY 28

Fare $65


6:30 AM to 4:30 PM SUNDAY MAY 29

Fare $75


Just as a reminder, these trips are Open Boat and you don't need to make reservations.   We work on a first come, first serve basis, so all you need to do is arrive at the VOYAGER anywhere from one to one-half hour before sailing time.   You can also make an advanced purchase through Zerve and we strongly recommend it.

May 10, 2016


Cod fishing remained a slow pick on our recent offshore trips.   Some nice fish were caught; just not enough of them.   You can see trip photos on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery

May 10, 2016


The offshore weather for our 2-day EXPLORATORY TILEFISH TRIP (5/08-5/10) was chilly and with overcast skies, but we tried a bunch of new spots and put together a decent catch.   Some nice Golden and Blueline Tilefish were caught along with a large Snowy Grouper.

You can see some trip photos on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery.

We have several open spots for our 2-DAY TILEFISH & MID-RANGE WRECKS (Cod, Pollock, Ling) TRIP.
The trip leaves at 10 PM SUNDAY, MAY 15 and the fare is $475.   See our Trip Calendar page for details.
If you are interested in hopping on this trip, send us an e-mail message.

May 4, 2016


The offshore weather for our first Tilefish Trip (5/01-5/03) was unusually cold with overcast skies, some rain and lots of pea soup fog, but the FISH WERE BITING.   Many folks made limit catches of Golden and Blueline Tilefish.

You can see some trip photos on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery.

April 29, 2016

   Five at a time!

There are more Mackerel swimming around this year than we have seen in the last ten years.   The schools aren't large, but there are lots of them.   While the VOYAGER doesn't target Mackerel directly, we are running into them on our Cod trips.   You might want to toss a Mackerel rig in your tackle box.

April 26, 2016


Cod fishing has been slow of late.   High hooks have had anywhere from 3 to 5 fish depending on the trip, but many people have had 1 or none.   We have had some nice sized fish like Vic Bozzuffi's 27-pound pool winner last week.   We also had a couple of 30-pound fish on Saturday.  You can view some pictures from the trips on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery.

There is a lot of bait around this year, mostly Mackerel and Herring.  This is usually a good sign for Cod, but the fish seem to be off of the wrecks chasing the bait.   Hopefully things will settle down as we move further away from the full moon and the fish will stay put on the wrecks.   We still have room on our two LIMITED LOAD COD TRIPS leaving at 1:00 AM WEDNESDAY MAY 4 and 1:00 AM FRIDAY MAY 13.


We start our Tilefish season on Sunday night MAY 1 with a 2-DAY TILEFISH TRIP.   We also have a 1.5-DAY TILEFISH TRIP on MAY 5 and a 2-DAY EXPLORATORY TILEFISH TRIP on MAY 8.   All of these trips still have spots available.

If you would like to sign up for one of these Cod or Tilefish trips please e-mail us.

April 23, 2016

Fishing was slow on today's LIMITED LOAD COD TRIP, but the fish were nice sized.
You can view the trip photos on the VOYAGER Photo Gallery.

NEW COD TRIPS added...

30-60 Mile Wrecks, 35 Passengers, Reservations Required

30-60 Mile Wrecks, 35 Passengers, Reservations Required

Cod, Pollock & Ling, 40 Passengers, Reservations Required

See our TRIP CALENDAR page for details.

April 8, 2016


We made our first OPEN BOAT COD TRIP of the year with good results.
   Most people had two or three keeper Cod, a couple of guys had four fish and one person had six.  Archie Stewart of Nutley, NJ won the first pool of the year with a 15-pound Cod.   Most fish were caught on bait, but some were jigged, and there were also a couple of keeper Pollock.

You can view some pictures from the trip on our Photo Gallery pages.

Lately, the weather has seemed more like March than April.   Because of high winds and sloppy seas we have canceled our first three overnight wreck trips.   Due to the lack of spots remaining in April, we have added a few more trips in May.

We added two LIMITED LOAD COD TRIPS leaving at

We have also added a 60-90 MILE WRECK TRIP departing at 11:00 PM FRIDAY NIGHT MAY 13

If you were already on a trip that was blown out and want to reschedule or you would like to sign up for one of these new trips, please e-mail us.

March 23, 2016

Save The Summer Flounder Fishery FundLast September, the SAVE THE SUMMER FLOUNDER FISHERY FUND (SSFFF) held a stakeholder meeting that recapped the next round of Fluke research the SSFFF is sponsoring and introduced the fishery scientists that are doing the work.

The new research includes two parallel projects.   The first is to create a better assessment model that more accurately portrays the Fluke fishery.   The second is to collect information on sex composition and discards of recreational fishermen on the East Coast.   The goal of this research is creating a better assessment model that more accurately portrays the state of the Summer Flounder fishery.  The results of this SSFFF funded research will be presented at the next NMFS Scientific Peer Review which is expected sometime in 2016/2017.   It will help the feds make a better stock assessment process that ultimately results in the Summer Flounder regulations and catch quotas we get.

The research is well under way and costs are somewhere between $60,000 and $80,000.  The SSFFF has much of the costs covered, but they need our help to raise $25,000 by early summer to complete the research.   Please pitch in and help ensure the future of a healthy Summer Flounder fishery with fair access for all user groups.

Donations can be made by check and mailed to SSFFF, P.O. Box 86, Brielle, NJ 08730

Or you can donate on-line at

The Save the Summer Flounder Fishery Fund was started seven years ago by a group of concerned East Coast anglers and is governed by a board of directors comprised of recreational fisherman, Captains of for-hire fishing boats, and members of the fishing tackle industry.   The SSFFF has no political affiliations and is neither a recreational nor commercial fishing lobbying group.   Their Mission Statement was and continues to be non-political with the simple premise that improved fisheries science funded by the SSFFF will ultimately lead to better management decisions and more equitable access to the stock for all user groups.

March 20, 2016


If you emailed us to hold spots for trips in 2016 and you have not yet sent in payment, please be aware that the "hold" on your spots expires March 31.

If you are scheduled on the APRIL 3 COD TRIP, we need to receive your payment by Saturday, March 26 in order to process your payments by sailing time.

If you sent in a reservation form and payment, you should have received an e-mail confirmation with your boarding number.   If you did not get a confirmation, please e-mail us again.

February 25, 2016

Our 2016 OFFSHORE TRIP CALENDAR is posted on our web site.
   If you have emailed us to hold spots, you should have received a confirmation that your spots are on hold.   If you did not get a confirmation please e-mail us again.

If you have sent in a reservation form and your payment, please be patient.   We are working through them as fast as possible and you should get an e-mail confirmation by next Monday.

If you need to contact us, please do it by e-mail.   Thanks.

We finished all of the big maintenance items at the shipyard and put the VOYAGER back in the water on Tuesday, February 23.   It was quite an interesting process and we wanted you to see what happened during the three hours it took to splash the boat, so we posted a bunch of shipyard photos on our Photo Gallery pages.   We will be bringing the VOYAGER back to Point Pleasant Beach on Friday, February 26.

February 20, 2016

We want to start by thanking everyone who fished with us in 2015.   You made our first season with the new boat a great one!   We hope you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you again this year on one of our many adventures.

We are very excited to announce that we built a below deck bunk room.  This serves two purposes; first it opens up the main cabin and gives more room for booth seating.   Secondly, the new bunks are longer and wider for a more comfortable rest.   The new bunk room is air conditioned and heated for your comfort.   Depending on the trip type, about half of the sleeping accommodations are still in the main cabin which is also air conditioned and heated.

We have just posted our 2016 OFFSHORE TRIP CALENDAR


The following are trip descriptions along with a few important items about our booking policies.


Last year we had super trips throughout the year with a mix of Golden and Blueline Tilefish.   Our largest Golden Tilefish was caught by Art Strassler and weighed 49 pounds 8.5 ounces.   The fish bested Andre Mezzasalma's giant by a mere 4 ounces.   We're not sure what our largest Blueline Tilefish was last season, but quite a few were pushing the 20 pound mark.

Last year we had success on all length trips including 1, 1, 2 and 2-day trips.   In 2016, we will be fishing offshore for Tilefish every week from the beginning of May through Labor Day in September.   This year there are plenty of opportunities to join us and get on the trips you want.   Unless otherwise specified, all trips will be limited to 26 people so you have plenty of room at the rail.

This year we do have a few small changes, the most notable being the addition of more 2-day Multi-Species trips.   This comes as a response to those that want to utilize their time offshore to fish for more than one species.   Other new trips you can look for this season include Tilefish/Rosefish, Tilefish/Mid-Range Wrecks (Cod, Pollock, Ling), and Tilefish/Mahi trips.   The other change this season is that we will not be doing a Captain's Choice trip.

Last year we did a few 'Manual Reels Only' Tilefish trips and while they were popular, we reduced them to just two this season.   This year both manual reel trips in the schedule are World Record Hunts.   The first one is a 2-day limited man trip taking only 21 people and the second is a 2-day trip taking the usual 26 people.   For those anglers using electric reels you have nothing to worry about since the expanded schedule also has 1-day and 2-day trips where you can use them.

Two years ago we did a couple of 1-Day Tilefish and Rosefish combination trips.   We caught plenty of Tilefish, but the weather slowed down the Rosefish catch somewhat.   Last year, we did a longer, 2-day combination Tilefish and Rosefish Trip which gave us a shot at good drifting conditions for Rosefish during part of the trip.   Last year the trip was a great success with many extra-large to jumbo "Rosies" coming up plus limits of Tilefish.   This season we will be doing a 2-Day Tilefish/Rosefish Trip in the months of June, July and August.   This is two more than last season because many people who wanted to go got shut out.   On these trips we will split the rail time trying for each species as long as conditions permit.

We have also added in a new 2-Day Tilefish/Mahi Trip for those that want to mix things up a bit and get into some light tackle top water action.   We will utilize the times when the drift is either too fast or slow for good Tilefishing to "pot hop" for Mahi.

Last year, we did our second 2-day Tilefish/Cod combination trip.   We had a boat limit of Tilefish and then hit wrecks where we caught a mix of Cod, Pollock, and Ling.   Despite tough weather on day two, the overall wreck fishing was pretty good.   It was a nice change of pace and a trip that most people really enjoyed.   Everyone ended up with a cooler full of different types of tasty fish.   This year we have a 2-Day Tilefish/Cod Trip scheduled in mid-May and a second trip in late July.   These trips will target Cod, Pollock, and Ling in addition to Tilefish.   Our intention is to Tilefish the first day and wreck fish on the second, but weather will always dictate what we do.

The following are trip descriptions for each type of our offshore trips.    Please read them carefully since some things may have changed since last year.    There is also a section on our booking and payment policy and this is a VERY IMPORTANT section to read.


Please note that Electric Reels are NOT permitted on trips labeled as Manual Reels Only.   All anglers get bunks on Voyager Tilefish trips.   Please see our Trip Calendar page for specific dates.

1-DAY BEGINNERS TILEFISH (Special Charters Only) – For those of you that may be on the fence about fishing for Tilefish, Dave Arbeitman of the REEL SEAT Tackle Shop in Brielle, NJ has chartered the VOYAGER for two special Beginner's Tilefish trips.   These trips will leave at 10:00 PM and return to the dock between 8:00-9:00 PM the following night.   On these trips we will fish shallower spots from 300 to 500 feet for both Blueline and Golden Tilefish.   These trips also include a special seminar given by Dave on the Sunday before the trip.   Since these are private charters, please contact Dave directly at (732) 223-5353 if you are interested in going. 
2-DAY TILEFISH – These trips leave at 10:00 PM and arrive at the fishing grounds around 6:00 AM.   We fish until sunset on the first day and from sunrise the second day until about 12:00 noon.   We return between 6:00 - 7:00 PM on the second day.   We fish depths ranging from 400 to 1,000 feet and the catch is a mix of Tilefish, Hake, Rosefish, Grouper and Barrelfish.   Last year, these trips were almost exclusively 'Southern Canyon' trips, but this year we may fish anywhere from the Block Canyon to the 'Southern Canyons'.   It is our intention to fish the areas we think should be the most productive for any given trip and not fish a specific area based on a trip description written months earlier.
2-DAY EXPLORATORY TILEFISH – These trips sail on the same schedule as the standard 2-Day Tilefish trip.   On these trips we will try a number of the areas "I always wanted to try, but ran out of time".   We are hoping to find the next 'Big Fish' or 'Hot Spot' and these trips will require patience as great new spots are hard to come by, but if we do find one, the payoff can be amazing!   Two years ago we had some of our largest fish on this trip and our largest fish of the year was caught in an area we first found on this trip.   Last year we were plagued by no drift the entire trip but we still managed a good catch.

1-DAY TILEFISH – These trips leave at 10:00 PM and arrive at the fishing grounds around 6:00 AM.   We fish from around sunrise until sunset then head for home, returning between 4:30 and 5:30 AM.   Depths may vary from 250 to 1,000 feet.

2-DAY TILEFISH/ROSEFISH – These trips leave at 10:00 PM and arrive at the fishing grounds around 6:00 AM.   We will target a combination of Tilefish and Rosefish depending on conditions.   We fish until sunset the first day and from sunrise until about 12:00 noon on the second day.   We return between 6:00-7:00 PM on the second day.   We fish depths ranging from 400 to 1,000 feet and the catch is a mix of Tilefish, Rosefish, Hake, Grouper and Barrelfish.

2-DAY TILEFISH/MID-RANGE WRECKS (COD, POLLOCK and LING) – These trips leave at 10:00 PM and arrive at the fishing grounds around 6:00 AM.   On these trips we plan to fish canyons from the Hudson out to the Northeast, but you never know.   On the first day, we may be fishing some deep water wrecks as well as some traditional Tilefish areas.   Along with Tilefish, we expect to see some Hake, Pollock and Barrelfish mixed in with the catch.   On the second day, we plan to fish some traditional shallower, Cod, Pollock, and Ling spots before returning home around 6:00 PM.

2-DAY WORLD RECORD TILEFISH HUNT – These trips leave at 8:00 PM and arrive at the fishing grounds the following morning.   We fish until around sunset on both the first and second day.   We leave for home around sunset on the second day and return at approximately 5:00-6:00 AM the following morning.
Four years ago, our World Record was broken by our friend Angelo Ruvio while fishing on a private boat.   On this trip, we are looking to catch the next world record Golden Tilefish and retake the title.   We will only fish with manual reels.   Electric reels are NOT allowed on these trips since the IGFA does not permit them and we don't want to jeopardize a potential world record.

Three years ago we caught many Tilefish from 35-50 pounds on this trip.   We also caught a new New Jersey State record Blueline Tilefish.   Last year, we had some really nice fish early but an extremely fast drift forced us to fish some shallower waters when 5 pound sinkers would not hold bottom.   This trip is only going to target big fish.   In other words, we will not be looking to 'bail out' on a slow trip by fishing known small fish areas (note: slow fishing is not the same as un-fishable conditions).   It will require patience and the understanding that you may only catch a few fish, but hopefully they will be quality ones.   If this does not fit your personality or desire, then you should book one of our many other trips.   While we hope it happens, we are not looking to fill coolers on this trip.


This season we will be starting our Tuna fishing a bit earlier.   Our first trip will be a Saturday morning 30-hour Tuna/Mahi trip at the end of August.   Our only other Saturday morning 30-hour departure will be two weeks later on September 10.   Trips during the first week and a half of September can be found on our Trip Calendar page.   From that point on we go back to our regular schedule of a Tuesday and Thursday morning 30-hour Tuna/Mahi trips followed by 21-hour trips departing at 5:00 PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

New for this season – We are offering a Limited Load Tuna Trip on September 25 and Limited Load 30-hour Tuna/Mahi Trips on September 20 and October 20.   These trips will be limited to just 21 anglers.   For the extra hearty angler we have added a special Columbus Day 2-Day Tuna/Mahi Trip featuring two nights of Tuna fishing.   The trip leaves at 5:00 PM on Saturday night October 8 and returns between 2-3:00 PM on Monday October 10.   Our last new additions are the "later leave" trips designed to capitalize on the Daytime Chunk Bite in November.   These overnight trips will leave at 8:00 PM and return the next evening between 5-6:00 PM.   On these trips we will fish during the prime pre-dawn hours as well as all morning until around noon.   All Tuna trips are limited to 26 passengers unless otherwise specified.   All anglers get bunks on Voyager Tuna trips.


We will be doing Friday night 60-90 Mile Wreck Trips in March and April fishing wrecks from 60-90 miles out for Cod, Pollock and Ling.   These trips leave at 11:00 PM and return the following day between 5-6:00 PM.   All anglers get bunks on these trips.

We will also be bringing back the very popular Limited Load Cod Trips which fish wrecks from 30-60 miles offshore.   These trips will be scattered throughout the spring all the way through August.   They leave at 1:00 AM and return between 5-6:00 PM and are limited to 35 anglers.   Last year fishing on these trips was excellent!   Please see our Trip Calendar page for specific dates.   All anglers get bunks on these trips.


This season we will be fishing for Jumbo Sea Bass and Porgies leaving at 11:00 PM most Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in November and December.   We plan to start these overnight trips in mid-November and head out to the eastern wrecks to "meet" the fall Sea Bass migration.   Please see our Trip Calendar page for specific dates.   All anglers get bunks on these trips.


Last year we had problems with folks booking trips and then asking to get off the trips just days before sailing time.   Unfortunately, this caused a problem because we were forced to either be a hard ass and take people's money when they couldn't show up or to refund/credit the money and sail short of a full boat and lose money.   This was an unfair position for us and also unfair to other customers who wanted to get on a specific trip only to find out it was sold out months in advance.   On top of that, potential customers often did not have time to change their schedules when a spot or two became available just a few hours before a trip.

Due to the cost of fuel and our strict capacity limits, we cannot be responsible for changes in YOUR plans.   If you book a trip and cannot go, it is your responsibility to fill the spot.   We will NOT be keeping a waiting list.   You have to think of it like going to a Yankees game.   If you buy a ticket and the game is played but you can't go, it is up to you to sell your ticket or give it away.   You wouldn't expect the Yankees to give you a refund or a credit ticket for next week's game, would you?   In other words, if you buy it, you own it.   So please make sure that you don't have any schedule conflicts before you book a trip.

To book a trip or trips please e-mail us from the Voyager web site (not any other potentially old and obsolete email address you may have for us) or call our office at (732) 295-3019.

An e-mail is best as they will be processed first

Let us know what trip(s) you want and that you are sending in a reservation form and payment.    We will put your name on the boarding list in the order that you contact us and hold your spot until March 31, 2016.   You will not receive boarding numbers until we receive your reservation form and payment.

Please contact us even if you had previously mentioned that you wanted to be on a certain trip or trips.   It was quite a while ago and we don't want to forget anyone.

Since our schedule is coming out early this year, we are doing the following.

We will hold your spot(s) until March 31 with no payment or obligation

If we do not receive payment by March 31, we will delete you from the boarding list and you will lose your boarding spot and will then need to re-book.

 Unfortunately, I am a one-man show in the office until August and between running trips and office work, I will not have time to make courtesy calls to remind you to pay.   It is your responsibility to make your payment on time.   It is also your responsibility to know what trips you are supposed to be on so the excuse of "I forgot I was on last Sunday's trip" will not fly.

Please see our Policies page before sending in any payments

While we always reserve the right to overbook each trip by two people, we try not to do it since space is always at a premium.   Following the payment procedure above will allow us to stick to our passenger limits.

Lastly, if any 2 or 2-day trip is significantly shortened due to adverse weather conditions, anglers will receive a credit ticket for a future trip for an amount determined by the Captain.   There will be NO CASH REFUNDS.

We look forward to our 2016 OFFSHORE TRIPS and seeing you at the boat.

Thank you again for fishing aboard the VOYAGER.

February 14, 2016


Our 2016 OFFSHORE TRIP SCHEDULE will be published at approximately 10:00 AM Saturday February 20.

Please e-mail us your requests only after the schedule is posted.

If you prefer, you can leave a message at (732) 295-3019, but please be aware that e-mails will be processed first.

December 27, 2015


Fishing has been good overall with many limit catches of SEA BASS to 6 pounds and jumbo PORGIES to 3 pounds.  It has not been the lock-and-load fishing that we are used to due to the very high water temperatures this December, but it has still been good.   Unfortunately the federal government will be shutting down the Sea Bass fishery when the ball, or should I say ax, falls at midnight on December 31.   We fought to keep the season open in January and February, but to no avail.   Hopefully, next year's new stock assessment will show the federal fisheries managers that there are more Sea Bass out there than they thought and maybe, just maybe, they will give us a bigger quota.


A number of people have asked what, if anything, we are going to be fishing for in January.   We do plan to fish the first few weeks of January.   After that we will be going to the shipyard to do a few more upgrades to the boat.   We will be fishing on the weekends from 5 AM to 4 PM.   The trips are "bottom fishing" for COD, LING, & PORGIES and we plan to focus on whatever we think is biting the best.   On Wednesdays, we will focus on COD on the same time schedule.   The trips are all OPEN BOAT, so NO reservations are needed.   All of the January trips are posted on our Trip Calendar page.


Probably the most asked question we have been getting lately has been "When will you be posting the 2016 offshore schedule?" followed by "Can I get on such and such a trip even before you post it?"   Here is the answer to the first question that we give to everyone.   The schedule is just about done, but we are waiting on a few charters to get back to us and also on some fishery regulations in early February that might influence the scheduling of some trips.   That being said, our 2016 Offshore Schedule will be posted sometime around the middle of February.   To the second question the answer is NO.   We will undoubtedly forget someone if we make promises now to put them on specific trips months later, so please email us your requests only after the schedule is posted.

Please make sure you and your friends are signed up for our Voyager Newsletter since we will send out a notification of the exact date and time of posting about a week prior to the schedule going up on the web site.

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who fished with us this past season.   You really made the first year with the new boat a great one!   We look forward to seeing everyone again this coming season and want to wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

December 18, 2015

On December 12, angler STEVE SINGLER from Philadelphia, PA was aboard the VOYAGER on an offshore Sea Bass and Porgy trip and he landed a HUGE 9-POUND BLACK SEA BASS.

Steve took his Black Sea Bass to Dave Arbeitman's REEL SEAT tackle shop in Brielle, NJ for a weigh-in and the fish was also checked and identified by a New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife biologist.

A NJ state record application form was submitted and on December 17, the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife officially certified the catch as a NEW STATE RECORD SALTWATER FISH.

Steve was fishing with a Shimano rod and reel with 40-pound PowerPro braided line.   Clams on 3/0 hooks served as the bait.   He was bottom fishing in 180-200 feet of water when the big fish bit.   Steve's Black Sea Bass weighs 11-ounces more than the previous NJ State Record and is only 1-pound 4-ounces shy of the current IGFA World Record.

12/12/2015 VOYAGER - Steve Singer with his 9-pound NJ State Record Black Sea Bass

     Here is the official tale of the tape…


December 1, 2015


Fishing was generally good over our first weekend of offshore trips.   Many folks had limits or close to limits of Jumbo Sea Bass.   We also had a good showing of Giant Porgies and we caught loads of Bluefish before the sun came up on all trips.  The water is still pretty warm and fishing should improve daily as the temperatures decline and the migration gets into full swing.   Pictures from our trips can be seen on our Photo Gallery pages.



All of these trips return between 5:00 - 6:00 PM and the fare is $200.   If you are interested in going on any of these trips, please send us an email or call (732) 295-3019.

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